Katinka Beker is continuing her research at the University of Minnesota this fall

Katinka Beker is currently a visiting research scholar, collaborating with Dr. Panayiota Kendeou at the department of Educational Psychology  at the University of Minnesota (USA).

Uni Minnesota

From August until December 2014 Katinka will set up a study, collaborating both with new colleagues in Minneapolis, Dr. Panayiota Kendeou and Professor Paul van den Broek here at the Brain and Education Lab, Leiden University. The study is a part of Katinka’s PhD-candidate research “Learning from texts”, during which they will examine how the revision of inaccurate background knowledge takes place. This research visit has been sponsored by Leiden University Fund/van Walsem

For more information on each of the parties involved, follow the links:

Katinka Beker, MSc. - B&E Lab
Katinka Beker, MSc. - University of Minnesota

Prof. Paul van den Broek

Dr. Panayiota Kendeou

Leiden University Fund/van Walsem