Society for Text and Discourse
Annual Meeting 2014

In August this year the lab will be well represented at the ST&D annual meeting in Chicago, click on 'read more' for the titles of our talks and posters.
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For more information about the Society for Text and Discourse please see the link below.
The preliminary conference program, in which you can find out more about our talks and posters is now online.

Identifying Valence and Arousal of Protagonists’and Readers’ Own Emotional States
Jolien Mouw, Nadira Saab, Linda Van Leijenhorst, & Paul van den Broek

The Relation Between Reading Motivation and Reading Skills in Second Grade Students in Elementary School
Astrid Kraal, Nadira Saab, Jaap Schuitema, & Paul van den Broek

Neural Correlates of Individual Differences in Coherence Monitoring During Reading
Anne Helder, Josefine Karlsson, Paul van den Broek, & Linda Van Leijenhorst

Reading Processes and Cognitive Load: The Influence of Individual Differences Reading Skill and Working Memory Capacity
Marja Oudega & Paul van den Broek