Anne Helder is setting up a new study at University of Pittsburgh

Anne Helder is currently a visiting research scholar at the prestigious 'Learning Research and Development Center' (LRDC) at the University of Pittsburgh (PA, USA).
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From April until August 2014 she will set up a study under supervision of Professor Charles Perfetti, collaborating both with new colleagues in Pittsburgh and Professor Paul van den Broek here at the Brain and Education Lab, Leiden University. Anne will study the relation between readers’ vocabulary and their ability to make inferences when reading a text. The study is a part of Anne’s PhD-candidate research on neurocognitive processes engaged in reading comprehension, and both neuroimaging methods (ERP) will be used as well as behavioral methods (reading times). This research visit has been sponsored by Leiden University Fund/Van Steeden.

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'Learning Research and Development Center' Pittsburgh, PA, USA